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Virtual Escape Room

Book Milburn Mansion, The Virtual Escape Room Experience Everyone Loves!

Experience the most fun on the internet! Milburn Mansion’s puzzle rooms have stumped countless teams from the worlds’ smartest companies. Can you and your colleagues, family, or friends solve it in under an hour?


Reserve Your Experience

Price: $99 per Team

Team Size: The Milburn Mansion experience is designed for teams from 5 to 20 people. If your group is >20 people, simply book multiple times via checkout to purchase for multiple teams.

Duration: Your team’s mission is to escape from Milburn Mansion within 60 minutes.

Hours of Operation: Milburn Mansion operates Monday - Friday between 10am - 8pm EST.

Support: Your experience will be guided by a live proctor from Kumospace.




"This was hands down the best event we have done since the start of the pandemic. Hats off and many thanks to the Kumospace team!"

Great for Team Building & Socializing

Kumospace Movement

When working toward a common goal, you need fluid interaction, clear communication, and coordinated efforts. Sounds like a game, doesn’t it? In fact, many high-performing companies use games to improve their teamwork. By building relationships, forging loyalties, and uncovering natural strength through play, teams can improve their ability to get things done at work. All these benefits are now possible inside of a virtual space like Kumospace.

Kumospace allows users the freedom to explore the space around them. This makes it an ideal environment for hosting virtual scavenger hunts and escape rooms.

Bond In Kumospace

One of the hardest things to do while working remotely is to build relationships among co-workers. The little things that grow friendships happen outside of formal meetings and presentations. Friendships that transcend work stem from shared stories of kids and weekends, gestures of appreciation and support, jokes, and shared meals. These moments are hard to recreate on a Zoom video chat or conference call.

A Boon for HR: Virtual Team Building Activities

Parlor Escape Room

Not your typical virtual team building and better than zoom games, Kumospace’s virtual escape rooms offer opportunities for your staff to build real relationships even if they may be miles apart. Our platform is not only immersive and intuitive but fun too! We provide mobility within a virtual environment, spatial audio, hidden easter eggs, and a host of other features that make Kumospace the best place to train your team online.


“It was really great. I was so surprised at how Kumospace pulled it off and made a really fun experience in a virtual environment.”

Price: $99/Team

Each team can have up to 20 people and comes with one Kumospace proctor. We recommend that a team should have a minimum of 5 people. If your group is larger than 20 people, no worries. We will simply have you book two experiences and your two teams can compete against one another or just have fun.

You can view availability and reserve your Milburn Mansion experience directly online by clicking here. If you have any questions about booking your virtual escape room experience, you may email us.

Study Escape Room

Couldn’t Your Team Use A Little Fun?

With the ongoing pandemic lockdown, the toll it’s taken is palpable. Smiles and laughter are increasingly hard to find. That’s why our mission at Kumospace is to make online interaction fun again. Whether it’s for meetings, lunch breaks, after-work parties, or remote team-building activities, the way you move and engage with friends and colleagues in Kumospace is far more engaging than other video chat services. Zoom and its clones lack spontaneity, authenticity, and connection. Moving around in Kumospace gives you the freedom to be yourself, when you want, with whomever you want.


“I loved it! It worked much better than I expected and the puzzles were very interactive/collaborative. It was great crossing paths with or bumping into people I don’t normally see in my team.”

Hallway Escape Room

Get Ready for Mirth and Mystery

Kumospace is proud to present the Millburn Mansion as another option for game-like team building. Ten rooms with ten different themes offer puzzles to solve and secrets to unlock. Work together to figure out the answers and complete the challenges offered by this immersive experience. This is perfect for forging a fully engaged team, working together to take on any task or achieve any goal. All while having a great time running around, and playing games with friends and co-workers in our virtual space.


“I’m a huge fan of Kumospace after this experience and see a ton of potential.”

Kitchen Escape Room

Shared Experience Is Key

In any relationship-building process, overcoming challenges is crucial to creating camaraderie and bonds of loyalty. It’s when colleagues feel that they can rely on their coworkers for help and support that teams are formed. Our virtual escape room environments offer fun and immersive team-building exercises that can help your staff become a cohesive problem-solving force. Kumospace’s Millburn Mansion is rich with opportunities for team members to lead, contribute, and support each other while trying to achieve a shared goal. The perfect recipe for team cohesion and success.


“We’ve been playing around with your platform and think it’s great!”

Dungeon Escape Room

On The Cutting Edge of Fun

The world is getting tired of traditional video chat. Staring at a row of faces, trapped in a grid, unable to move freely or strike up conversations. At Kumospace, we have made it our mission to take virtual meetings to the next level. Our immersive environments offer a more natural and intuitive way to interact with co-workers, clients, and other business acquaintances. We’re bringing back spontaneity, authenticity and the deeper connections previously only found in the real world.

Giving You The Space To Engage

Whether you’re building a team or just blowing off some steam with friends, Kumospace gives you an offline-like experience of friendly competition, socializing, and bonding online. We’re here to help give you and your colleagues a welcome alternative to boring zoom sessions and conference calls. So from one team to another, let’s meet in Kumospace and have some real fun today.

We've got a space for that.

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